Ark Survival Evolved

Dinosaurs with out the Jurassic Park ending? Meet ARK!


So you wake up on the beach and surounded by dinosaurs! do you be come the worlds greatest zoo keeper or go full turok?! Ark gives you these options and more!

The game is split between the PVE and PVP community. neither seems to live the other, but that’s the best bit of ark. you can choose how you want to play and when. want to build huge great floating castle rafts and be an ocean dwelling creature? no problem. want to fight everything and everything?! No problem pick a PVP option!

Red Rivers offers something for all Ark loves! PVP and PVE play styles. Separate clusters for both styles. nothing is more annoying than gearing up to raid, to find the tribe you want to fight is PVE Enabled!

Industry leading I9 servers, high spec ram and ssd drives make sure you have a lag free, high FPS experience. This coupled with ARK plugins rather than loads of mods means getitng into the servers is quick and stress free.


Those wanting to add to there ark experience can find additional items, dinos and equipment from without our ARK shop (cit/link)

Also check out of deathmatch server (cit/link)




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